About Me

I am currently in Year 13 so you may ask what do I know about doing well in A-Level Maths? If you asked me 12 months ago I wouldn’t have been able to tell you the difference between C1 and C4. However, in August I opened up my Maths A-Level result having taken it a year early and I was ecstatic. I’d got an A*.

It was a stressful time in the build up to the exams because of the reforms to the A-Level. The modular system had turned into a three, 2 hour exams and the previous straight forward algebraic C4 questions had been transformed into problems involving thinking outside the box. These changes may seem scary but in response to it, the grade boundaries plummeted. You needed 240 raw marks out of 300 which is much lower than that for the previous specification.

You’re probably here not to listen to me rant but instead just to know the best and easiest way to get an A* and it is simply though hard work. Do ALL the past papers available papers from 2006 and learn the new stuff added. Know your proofs inside out such as the proof for sin2(x) + cos2(x) = 1.

Some people say “you can’t revise for maths” but I can tell you that the truth is the polar opposite. Hopefully this guide will push you over the boundary to your desired grade.

Extra Information:

My GCSES: 10A* 2A (one 9, one 8 and one 7 if you prefer the new format).

My A-Levels: Further Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

Future Prospects: Mathematics at University with offers from Bath and Bristol currently. I have also applied to Oxford, Imperial and UCL.



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